Baby starts day care…

Wow… it seems like forever since the last time I wrote anything. My baby girl, who is no longer a baby, is 2 yrs and some months now and the most beautiful creature, inside and out, that God has ever created.  She is wonderful and reminds me of God’s grace everyday. She has strengthened my faith beyond what its ever been.

Anyway, things have changed and we have no more nanny drama, because we have no nanny (does a happy dance, which looks like a fit). Baby girl, lets call her K, is in day care and its the best thing ever. Yes it has is cons, like, when she first started she was sick , aaalllllll the time and her dad and I had to constantly alternate taking leave. Not fun. K’s immune system has built up and she has less and less sick days, thank you lord.

I would love to know how other working mothers deal with this. After awhile and many doctors telling us to not pull her out of school everytime we stopped and now even when she does get sick it isn’t too bad.

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The women I leave you with….


I’m back at work, hence the silence and my baby has just turned 9 months old. Its amazing how fast time has flown and how much my daughter has grown. She is an amazing individual (says her mommy) and I am already catching glimpses into her personality :). I’ve been back at work for 4 and a half months now and I’m already on my 5th nanny. You would think I am the problem wouldn’t you? But I doubt it is. I have been so accommodating to these women, which could be the problem.  Is it so wrong to want someone to look after your baby the way you would? I’m not asking them to love her like I do, because they could never, but just to care for her a certain way.

In South Africa, I suppose all over the word, you hear people complain about not having jobs, about not being given opportunities and then you open up your home, give them a job and treat them with respect and they throw it back in your face.

I,m sure not all domestics/nannies are the same, just like not all taxi drivers are the same, or r they?, maybe I’ve just had the misfortune of picking the bad apples, but I was very disappointed with my experiences with them.

As a working mother, nothing is worse than being at work and worrying about your child and whether they are being cared for or abused. Wondering if they are being fed and their cries tended to.


* It’s now 9 months later and my baby is 18 months. I couldn’t post this when i first wrote it because it was such a heated topic for me, but now i feel i can*


How have your nanny experiences been?

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For My daughter

I dream of more for you, of a perfect world7496731_l_110121022623

A place, where you can be all that you can dream to be

Utopia, where all you comprehend is jubilation

I dream of sweet pink, blue and yellow happiness, flowers, butterflies and all else tranquil

I dream of more for you, of feelings of safety and preservation

A paradise with no atrocities or transgressions

A heaven on earth, where you know no fear

I wish for picket fences, cotton candy and fluffy pets

I dream of more for you, of forever and a day

I dream of more for you my baby K.

Thou shalt not judge



In my culture (Zulu) you are advised, strongly, not to take your new born out of the house, except for clinic visits, for at least 4 weeks. So while i was pregnant, knowing this, i (Coughs) judged moms, parents who i saw walking around malls with new born babies.

I felt that they were being selfish in disregarding the health of their babies to go to a mall. Little did i know.

During the 4 weeks after baby was born i went nowhere but the Dr/clinic. It drove me mad. I had the biggest case of cabin fever and I needed to go out, somewhere, anywhere. I felt so couped up, like i imaged a caged animal would feel. I absolutely loved my baby and cherished being with her, i just needed a new setting to love and be with her. Boy oh boy did i feel bad for being so judgmental. I realised that people have their own reasons for doing whatever they do, who am i to sit on  pedestal and point my finger?

I went out with baby at 5 and a half weeks and guess what? I got judged. Serves me right 🙂 .

I didn’t actually see or hear anything but my partner overheard a woman walking away with a look of disgust at him saying, “Where were they going with a new born”

We were the people we had judged!

Judging you

Judging you

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Mommy quote

Daddy and baby

Daddy and baby

I love this. Speaks volumes.

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Letter to my baby 4

Mommy's belly

Mommy’s belly

The anticipation is building, i can’t wait to meet you, to hold you in my arms. We decided not to find out your gender, to be surprised. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or boy, our love is unconditional. All we wish and pray for is that you are healthy and well. Your movements now ripple across my belly, i feel and see your every movement. It’s as if you can’t wait to see us too :-). Seeing you at our 4D scan was amazing. I am in awe of the human body and what it is capable of.

My baby

My baby

No one ever told me it would be like this, that i would feel so close to you already. My pregnancy has been relatively easy and enjoyable with my feet only swelling in the 36th week. I’ve felt alive and better than ever. I’ve been told pregnancy suits me. All that matters though, Is you, only you. We’ve been for our maternity photo shoot to capture this precious time in our lives, i want to show you these images one day, so you can see how happy we were about your impending arrival.

Mommy and Daddy

Mommy and Daddy

Mommy can’t wait to meet you baby. I’m a little afraid, but my happiness and anticipation trump the fear.

Mommy loves you angel, see you soon. 🙂

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Fashion Quote

Fashion quote

Fashion quote

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In my heels


I am a high heel girl and my heels have been sitting in my cupboard, neglected, gathering dust, for a good couple of months now because i couldn’t dare wear them while i was pregnant , what with me being calamity Jane and all.

Now that my body belongs to only me, I have nowhere to wear them to. I spend my week days at home with baby and when i do go out on weekends, I can’t really wear 9 inch heels while pushing a pram, can I?


What’s a girl to do?

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